What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy and why is it used to treat bed sores?

Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyHyperbaric oxygen therapy incorporates the same technology used to treat scuba divers who had ventured too deep or were severely depleted of oxygen.  Many hospitals now offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy  (HOT) to treat people with severe bed sores (also referred to as decubitus ulcer, pressure sore or pressure ulcer) because studies have reinforced the benefits of using HOT therapy to speed the rate of healing for pressure sores of all types.

The process uses a pressurized chamber filled with 100% oxygen where a person will sit or lay for a specified period.  The pressurized oxygen helps the body in its own natural healing process.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to help individuals with not only serious bed sores, but also complications such as gangrene, infection and osteomyelitis.