What is ‘flap reconstruction’ and why is it necessary to treat bed sores?

In cases involving advanced bed sores (stage 3 or stage 4) a surgery may be necessary to cover the open wounds and aide in healing.  Surgical reconstruction of bed sores is often performed using flap surgery (also called flap reconstruction).  The surgical procedure involves harvesting healthy skin and muscle from nearby areas on the body to cover the open wounds caused by the bed sores.  Flap reconstruction surgery is often preformed by the following surgeons: plastic, reconstructive or vascular.

Despite the fact that flap reconstruction surgery provides an opportunity to help heal open wounds, there is a high risk of complications related to infection and the bodies rejection of the ‘flap’ skin and muscle.  In order to promote maximum healing, air mattresses and regular ‘turning’ should provided by caregivers during the post-operative period.

It should also be noted that the reconstructive flap does not generally allow sensation.

Flap reconstruction of bed sore