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Elderly Woman With Bed SoreBed Sores Rampant In Many Nursing Homes

A developing bed sore is often an indicator of neglect or abuse in a nursing home or medical
malpractice when it occurs in a hospital setting. A bed sore (pressure sore; pressure ulcer;
decubitus ulcer) can quickly develop when continuous pressure on the patient’s skin is
unrelieved. Without immediate attention, the wound can cause serious health issues including
life-threatening infection.

Bed sores in nursing homes tend to develop in areas of the body where the skin covers bony
prominences. These can include the heels, ankles, elbows, back, shoulders, and back of the
head. Nursing home patients at greatest risk of developing a pressure sore are usually
wheelchair-bound, sedentary in a bed or any patient with the inability to reposition their body
without assistance.

A Very Visible and Painful Sign of Nursing Home Negligence

Sadly, developing bedsores in nursing homes are all too common. Statistics maintained by the
CDC (Centers for Disease Control) indicate that 10 percent of all nursing home residents
currently have a bedsore. This alarming problem has been prevalent in assisted living homes,
hospitals and nursing facilities for decades. To make matters worse, nearly every bedsore is
preventable. Pressure sores are often caused by the lack of improper medical care or attention
by nursing home staff.

As a serious health concern, an identified bedsore needs immediate pressure relief and medical
attention. It is simple to recognize a bedsore in its initial stage (Stage I), where the skin feels
warm and hard to the touch. The reddening occurs to underlying soft tissue when body pressure
restricts blood flow and oxygen. Skin tissue can be lost if the pressure is allowed to continue
after approximately two hours. During Stage II, the advancing wound creates a shallow crater
open to infection. At this point, proper medical attention can reverse the debilitating condition
and allow the wound to heal nearly completely.

However, by Stage III, the top layers of skin are completely lost. Subcutaneous tissue just
above the fascia suffers necrosis, causing cells to die quickly. During Stage IV, necrosis
reaches below the fascia layers to expose muscle, bone and ligaments. The exposed area is
highly susceptible to a variety of medical conditions including:

Poor Patient Management Resulting In Progressively Serious Medical Complications

When a nursing home is poorly managed, the patient’s health often suffers greatly. In most
situations, a developing decubitus ulcer is the result of medical staff providing less than the
minimal medical standard of care. Various issues can contribute to an emergent pressure sore

  • The patient is suffering from malnutrition and dehydration
  • The patient has remained immobile for an extended period
  • The patient has suffered skin damage due to unchanged soiled diapers or lying on wet

Preventing Pressure Sores From Developing In The First Place

Assisted-living facilities and nursing homes are duty bound to provide high quality health care to
every patient. This means the medical staff must develop, implement and enforce a prevention
program to eliminate the potential of developing bedsores. Specific protocol to minimize the
potential of any patient developing a pressure ulcer would involve:

  • Daily monitoring of the patient’s skin from head to toe to detect any early signs of
  • Routine body repositioning of every patient unable to turn without assistance at least one
    time every two hours around-the-clock
  • Keeping the skin and clothing of every patient clean and dry
  • Frequently changing the patient’s sheets to minimize spreading infection
  • Supplying pressure-relieving pads, cushions and mattresses
  • Immediate medical attention by highly trained, specialized personnel anytime a
    developing bedsore is identified
  • Preventing healthy blood circulation through skin massage

Taking Legal Action When A Bed Sore Forms During An Admission To A Skilled Nursing Facility

Legal action is often necessary when families are told that their loved one has developed a
bedsore at a nursing facility. This is because nearly all bedsores are preventable. Most pressure
sores usually develop through neglect when the patient does not receive adequate care.
If your loved one is suffering from a facility-acquired bedsore, it is essential to speak with a
competent nursing home abuse attorney who specializes in nursing home neglect cases. Rosenfeld
Injury Lawyers at (888) 424-5757 offers a complementary consultation to discuss your legal
rights and options for stopping the abuse now. Our attorneys can review your claim and provide
aggressive options to resolve your case.
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