ManorCare Named In Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Patient Developes Pressure Sores During Nursing Home Admission

With more than 500 locations in 33 states, ManorCare remains of the largest nursing home chains in the country.  From a financial standpoint, ManorCare is clearly a very profitable operation.   In 2006, the last year its profits were disclosed, ManorCare earned $167 million from $3.6 million in sales.  In 2007, financial titan, the Carlyle Group purchased the company for a record breaking acquisition of HCR ManorCare in a reported $4.9 billion deal.

Large nursing home chains increasing role in caring for patients

Sadly, despite its largess and financial profitability, nursing home patients in HCR ManorCare facilities are subject to many of the same stubborn problems encountered by patients at lesser known facilities.  In particular, many patients in ManorCare skilled nursing facilities are at risk for development of pressure sores, also referred to as bed sores, decubitus ulcers or pressure ulcers.

Manor Wrongful Death LawsuitWhile multiple factors may be at play when a patient develops decubitus ulcers, one of more common underlying problems is that many facilities do not have adequate numbers of staff to help care and re-position patients who may be disabled or unable to move on their own.  Medical studies have demonstrated that when nursing home patients remain in one position for extended periods of time, they are at heightened risk for developing pressure sores.

Along these lines, the family of a deceased woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a ManorCare nursing home in West Virginia after their family member developed multiple health problems including: dehydration, malnutrition and pressure sores during an admission.

ManorCare named in lawsuit

According to the nursing home lawsuit, the woman’s conditions developed and progressed during the three year period she was a patient at ManorCare.  In addition to seeking compensatory damages for medical expenses, pain and emotional trauma– the lawsuit further seeks punitive damages against HCR ManorCare and other related entities.


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