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Proper Bed Sore Care Must Involve Dermatologists, Expert Says

Proper bed sore care often requires the expertise of many people. Doctors, nurses and family members all play a critical role in a patient's healing. Sometimes, however, certain types of doctors might be especially well-suited to treat decubitus ulcers. In a recent report from, an Ohio doctor argues that…

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What types of wound dressing can be used on bed sores?

In order for bed sores to heal, attention must be paid to the removing dead tissue and protecting the wound from infection causing bacteria.   Dressings are usually applied to help the body heal itself.  The type of dressing and the frequency with which it is to be changed is ordered…

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How should medical professionals document a healing bed sore?

Rather that using a reverse staging description of bed sores, professional in long-term care facilities (nursing homes and hospitals) should use detailed written descriptors to describe the size of the bed sore and evidence that the wound is healing. The benefit of using descriptors to document a healing bed sore…

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