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Decubitus Ulcers Remain Deadly Problem for Hospital Patients

A recent article in Britain’s Daily Mail says that hospital-acquired bed sores continue to plague England’s National Health System in alarming numbers. “Bed sores affected 412,000 NHS patients, and killed 4,708 people between 2003 and 2008,” the article states. The Daily Mail obtained its statistics from “Dr. Foster,” a part-public, part-private watchdog organization that analyses […]

Medicaid Pulls Hospital Reimbursement for “Never Events,” Including Severe Bed Sores

Medicaid has recently announced that it will no longer reimburse hospitals for “never events,” or 28 preventable conditions that should never happen in a qualified hospital. “Never events” include: falls that result in injury, catheter-related infections and severe bed sores (also called “pressure ulcers.”)  The new rules, mandated by the Affordable Care Act, went into […]

Can the Rate of Pressure Sores be Decreased? One Hospital Says Yes and Proves It

A chain of hospitals based in St. Louis set out on a mission in 2007— eliminate any harm befalling patients that could be otherwise prevented. BJC HealthCare noticed that pressure sores accounted for roughly two thirds of the preventable conditions that occurred under the watch of their hospital staffs. While other healthcare companies deemed pressure […]

Nursing Home Attorneys See Poor Prognosis for Stage Four Pressure Sore Patients

A study done by the North Texas Health Care System has revealed that patients have had a bleak outlook whenever they have developed stage four pressure sores. The data suggests that preventing bedsores from developing into stage three or four sores may be more practical than treating the sores after they have developed. Nursing homes […]

Hospital Bed Sore Lawsuit

The New York State Supreme Court has awarded $5.4 million to a Staten Island man who suffered from severe bed sores during a 2006 hospital stay, according to SI Live. The plaintiff, 63-year-old Robert Messina, will receive the majority of payment from the Staten Island University Hospital. On the morning of August 31, 2006, Messina […]

The Dirty Secret About Pressure Sores: An Infographic

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Study Claims Hospitals Frequently Under-report Severe Bed Sores

A study conducted by the Las Vegas Sun found that Nevada hospitals grossly underreport incidences of advanced bed sores. The two-year study, which analyzed hospital billing data, said that 72 ulcers occurred during 2008-2009 – a 99 percent discrepancy from the one bed sore that “officially” went reported. According to Ken Terry, a former senior […]

Can young people develop bed sores during an admission to a medical facility?

Absolutely.  Bed sores are not a condition isolated to the elderly.  In many circumstances, younger patients in nursing homes and hospitals face many of the same risk factors that their contemporaries encounter: remaining in one position for extended periods of time, being kept in soiled linens for extended periods and general neglect by staff when […]

Pressure Sores Are Needlessly Killing Nursing Home & Hospital Patients

Pressure sores (also referred to as bed sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers) are an all too common and painful problem for nursing home residents. Most pressure sores are preventable and are caused by faulty care where the nursing home or hospital does provide adequate care to prevent and treat bed sores.  Patients vulnerable to developing pressure sores are the elderly, people who are […]

Are Bed Sores Inevitable For Obese Patients In Nursing Homes & Hospitals?

An article published in the Las Vegas Sun, painted an unfortunately common set of circumstances; an overweight patient goes into a hospital for a medical procedure– only to acquire pressure sores during their stay.  Sure, the same scenario can (and most certainly does) occur with people of average stature, but there definitely is a disproportionate number […]

Bed Sores Continue To Plague Patients In Chicago Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Even in large metropolitan areas like Chicago, IL patients in nursing homes, hospitals and other types of senior living facilities continue to suffer from a medical complication that has been around as long as history books have been written— bed sores. While some facilities suggest that the development of bed sores is an inevitable part […]

Texas Hospital Blamed for Patient’s Severe Bed Sore

A former patient at Beaumont’s Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital has sued two of the hospital’s doctors, claiming that they delayed treatment and caused unnecessary complications, including a stage 3 bed sore. According to the Southeast Texas Record, Ronald Lee Phillips, Sr. was admitted to Memorial Hermann on Oct. 29, 2006, for two consecutive seizures.  The […]

Pressure Sores Among Most Costly Post-Operative Injuries, Studies Say

Two recent studies published in Health Affairs indicate that post-operative pressure sores are among the most costly injuries caused by medical error, according to Of the ten costliest medical errors, pressure ulcers ranked No. 2, second only to postoperative infections. Other common errors included infection due to a central venous catheter, infection following a […]

Proper “Coding” Necessary for Hospitals Receiving Bed Sore Reimbursement

The hospital chart of an elderly loved one can be a confusing morass of letters, scribbles and numbers. Yet the numeric “codes” on each person’s chart are essential to receiving proper Medicare coverage. In a recent interview with The Hospitalist, two “documentation specialists” gave tips for understanding your loved one’s chart: 1. First, understand that universal […]

Why are patients recovering from a hip fracture susceptible to develop pressure ulcers?

Almost 45% of patients recovering from a hip fracture will develop some type of pressure ulcer (similarly referred to as: bed sore, pressure sore or decubitus ulcer) during their recovery. The primary areas where patients recovering from a hip fracture develop pressure ulcers are on their hips (usually the non-operated side) and their heels. There […]

Bed Sores Continue To Plague Nursing Home & Hospital Patients In All Demographics

Although the news regarding the horrific physical and emotional impact of bed sores (also called decubitus ulcers, pressures sores or pressure ulcers) surely is on all respectable medical professionals radar screens, bed sores in nursing homes and hospitals continue to plague individuals in all demographics.  In order to improve patient care, bed sore prevention must be a […]