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The Dirty Secret About Pressure Sores: An Infographic

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What are the characteristics of each stage of pressure ulcer?

Of course, no one ever enters a medical facility expecting to get sicker.  Unfortunately, thousands of people who enter nursing homes and hospitals every year for medical treatment or rehabilitative care wind up developing a complication that is more painful and enduring than they ever could have imagined— the development of a pressure ulcer. Pressure […]

Are Bed Sores Inevitable For Obese Patients In Nursing Homes & Hospitals?

An article published in the Las Vegas Sun, painted an unfortunately common set of circumstances; an overweight patient goes into a hospital for a medical procedure– only to acquire pressure sores during their stay.  Sure, the same scenario can (and most certainly does) occur with people of average stature, but there definitely is a disproportionate number […]

Threat Of Stiff Fines Still Fails To Reduce Rate Of Pressure Sores At Some Nursing Homes

When nursing homes take simple, preventative steps such as: turning patients, keeping them clean, and providing adequate nutrition and hydration; they can greatly decrease the incidence of pressure sores at their facilities.  However, even though the preventative steps are well known, many nursing facilities simply fail to implement the necessary care that patients require to […]

What areas of the body are prone to develop bed sores?

Bed sores can develop in any area of the body where pressure is continually applied without relief.  Most frequently, we see bed sores in areas of the body that bear a majority of a person’s body weight when they sit or lay in one position for long periods of time such as: Buttocks Sacrum Heels […]