Elder Abuse Pervasive, But Widely Undetected

Elder Abuse and Knowing It

Every year, more than 33,000 seniors become victims of physical, emotional, sexual, mental and financial abuse or abandonment in the state of Maine. Unfortunately, many elderly senior citizens in the state become victims of financial fraud schemes by con artists impersonating high-ranking officials. Many elderly citizens of the state become victimized by financial exploitation that […]

Mississippi Nursing Home Patients More Prone to Bed Sores

Bed Sore Numbers in Mississippi Nursing Homes

As of January 2015, Mississippi and New Jersey tied with the fifth highest rate of facility-acquired bedsores in nursing home environments in the U.S. In an announcement by the federal government, the rating system based on self-reporting and unverified data has been changed in the hope of minimizing patient harm caused by preventable bedsores and […]

New Hampshire Nursing Homes May See Staffing Levels Cut

Staffing to be Cut in New Hampshire

Nursing home administrators in New Hampshire have pushed back against the government’s proposal to cut reimbursement rates on Medicaid. The cutbacks that could be as much a $7 million this year are the results of a nearly $58 million deficit in the budget of Health and Human Services ending in June. New Hampshire Healthcare Association […]

North Carolina Nursing Home Cited For Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary Conditions in North Carolina Nursing Home

Local family members in Charlotte have begun to speak out about the poor conditions, abuse and neglect occurring in North Carolina nursing homes. Kimberly Wyatt remains unable to forgive herself for placing her 65-year-old mother in the Brian Center of Hendersonville nursing facility for three years after suffering a stroke. This is because her mother […]

Oregon Nursing Home Patient Sexually Assaulted

Sexual Assaults in Oregon

Many Oregon nursing home patients are victimized by sexual assault and physical abuse. One such case involves a Portland man arrested on charges of alleged rape of an elderly resident in a nursing home. The suspect met the 73-year-old woman at church prior to repeatedly abusing her at her nursing home residence. Portland police took […]

Basic Safety Protocols Not Followed at Rhode Island Nursing Homes

Seal of Rhode Island, USA.

Based on federal inspection data accumulated over the last three to four years, 30 nursing facilities in the Providence, Rhode Island area have accumulated eight or more serious violations involving national safety and health standards. Four of those nursing facilities have recognized serious deficiencies. This means that a nursing home resident suffered injury or was […]

Instances of Abuse Being Investigated in Vermont Nursing Home

Vermont Nursing Home and Abuse

In 2010, the Vermont Attorney General’s office led a state commission investigation into the homicidal death of four individuals ranging in age from 78 to 89. Two reported cases of homicide happened in nursing facilities in southern Vermont. An 89-year-old victim, Alice Williams, suffered fatal injuries when another Vermont nursing home resident smashed her head […]

Louisiana Nursing Homes Rank Poorly

Nursing Homes Rank Poorly in Louisiana

In a released June 2014 state legislature report, nursing homes in Louisiana continue to offer some of the worst medical care facilities in the United States. Today, Louisiana’s nursing facilities have the highest rates of physical restraint use, bedsores and minimal standards of care provided by nursing staff. Even though the numbers of Louisiana nursing […]

Delaware CNA Arrests For Mistreating Nursing Home Patient

Arrests for Patient Mistreatment in Delaware

A 57-year-old certified nursing assistant has been arrested on charges of nursing home abuse after an extensive investigation led by the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Charges against Angela Coverdale involve allegations of abuse at the Emily Bissell Hospital in Wilmington by the Delaware Attorney General’s office. Attorney General Biden said, “We’re acting to protect our […]

Kansas Hospitals Penalized over Bed Sore Development

Bed Sores in Kansas Hospitals

Representatives of Kansas University Hospital claim that a study that resulted in significant cuts of Medicare payments at its facility was based on flawed methodology and old data. The representatives contend that academic hospitals were penalized unfairly. Lee Norman, chief medical officer at Kansas University Hospital said, “The academic medical centers get the sick patients […]

Physical Abuse Discovered in Alabama Nursing Home

Physical Abuse in Nursing Home in Alabama

A Hoover, AL nursing home caregiver has been arrested for allegedly mishandling and slapping an 80-year-old bedridden resident. Filed charges against the 28-year-old employee Taneka Kiera Hopkins of Pinson include second-degree elder abuse. Hoover police Captain Greg Rector found the accused’s actions to be “appalling, awful and disturbing.” Having been released from her employment as […]

DC Hospitals to Get Pay Cut Due to Episodes of Bed Sores

DC and Hospital Paycuts

The District of Columbia ranks in the lower 50 percent of all U.S. jurisdictions in states in preparing and implementing protocols to avoid infectious disease outbreaks including single central line infections and bedsores. In 2015, the vast majority of hospitals in the DC area are to receive a cut in pay from the federal government […]

Iowa Nursing Home Fined For Horrific Care

Horrific Care in Iowa Nursing Home

An Iowa nursing home is facing a significant fine of more than $31,000 after a former school teacher Darlene Carbaugh fell from a mechanical lift and sustained a fatal head injury. In June 2014, North Lake Manor of Storm Lake received a penalty citation from the state Department of Inspections and Appeals. The citation was […]

More Care Options for Seniors in Massachusetts Nursing Facilities

Massachusetts has an Increase in Care Options for Seniors

Maryland regulators have unveiled new rules regulating assisted-living facilities that provide care to the state’s elderly frail residents. The new rules help to strengthen protection over Massachusetts’ most vulnerable aging population. The regulations help to expand training and education of facility workers. This includes training on emergency evacuation, medicine and equipment when extreme weather conditions […]

Virginia Nursing Home With Checkered Past Received Additional Inspections

Virginia Nursing Homes and Increased Inspections

Multiple investigations at a Roanoke County nursing facility is nothing new. In fact, Department of Health regulators have investigated the Richfield Recovery and Care Center four times already this year. In total, the facility has been cited more times than any other facility in Virginia – totaling 45 deficiencies in all. The high number of […]

Number of Wisconsin Nursing Homes Shrinks as More People Favor Home Care

Wisconsin Nursing Homes Shrinks

Lawrence Pittman, a resident of Oakview Care Center is one of 35 patients being relocated after an announcement of the closing of the nursing facility in Durand. Joss Eggleston, Durand’s city administrator, claims that the closure of the town’s only nursing facility and the relocation of residents will likely cause a “pretty big impact” on […]

Maryland Leads the Way with Fall Prevention for Elderly

Maryland Nursing Homes has a High Number of Falls

For many years, Maryland has led the way in protecting the elderly by preventing falling that often leads to serious injuries or death. The Maryland Fall Prevention advisory group has formed partnerships and organizations to fund fall prevention programs in an effort to reduce the total number of falls and fall-related injury occurring within the […]

Violating The Law, Assisted Living Facilities Unwilling To Transfer Patients With Decubitus Ulcers

Transfers are Essential to Prevent Pressure Sores

Many see assisted living facilities as a convenient bridge between the home and the nursing home, but reports from CBS 2 Chicago indicate that that bridge might not be as smooth as you think.  Two Sunrise living centers have come under attack for what some seem to think is a pattern of resident neglect and […]

Malnutrition Is a Leading Cause of Bedsores

The nutritional requirements of individuals suffering from pressure ulcers, decubitus ulcers, pressure sores or bedsores are extremely high. Most elderly individuals require extra protein, vitamins, minerals and calories to assist in the healing of their wounds. As a result, malnutrition, or the deficiency in consuming vital nutrients, often delays the healing of the wound. Malnutrition […]

Preventing an Infection in a Bed Sore

Out of all the complications in dealing with a bedsore, a serious infection can become life threatening. An infected bedsore, also referred to as a pressure ulcer, pressure sore and decubitus ulcer, often begins as a painful, reddened area, eventually turning purple. Left unattended or without proper treatment, the skin can easily break open, becoming […]